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The Three Prongs of Monetary Reform

By Dr. Lucille Eckrich, Associate Professor, Illinois State University Introduction While there remains much educational, organizing, coalition-building, and lobbying work to do in the United States, technically monetary reform efforts are as advanced here as anywhere. Monetary reform legislation is already written and was first introduced as H.R. 2990 on September 21, 2011, by Representatives… Read more »

Summary of the NEED Act

H.R. 2990 (112th): National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011 The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress. Summary 9/21/2011–Introduced. National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011 – Replaces Federal Reserve notes with United States Money. Instructs the Secretary of the Treasury to… Read more »

The US should reject Socialism, but embrace Social Democracy

Fake news, fake opinions and fake political analyses are everywhere. The following little video by conservative commentator Steven Crowder is a perfect example of mixing truth (Socialism is bad) with fiction (Europe is socialist & US capitalism is good) to promote a false image of both the USA and Europe and thereby presenting false choices.[8]… Read more »

Formulations of the Three-Point Policy Proposal for Monetary Reform

Introduction. Modern monetary reform aims at three inter-connected changes of the monetary system, which unity is essential and therefore for many non-negotiable. This is a compilation of different formulations of essentially the same three points. Most formulations are intentionally triple-pointed and some are differently constructed even while more or less covering the same proposals. This list is… Read more »

The New Abolitionism

The New Abolitionism – Monetary Reform and the Future of Social Justice By Rev Delman Coates. Introduction by Editor. Rev. Delman Coates, Ph.D., is the Senior Pastor of the Mt. Ennon Baptist Church (Clinton, MD) and President of the Black Church Center for Justice & Equality. He is a monetary reform activist and embraces the… Read more »

In Memory of Stephen Zarlenga

Dear friends of the monetary reform cause, Last April 25 Stephen Zarlenga, the founder and director of the American Monetary Institute,  passed away at his residence in Palatine, Illinois. He was cremated in a private ceremony at Elegy Cremation and Memorial Services, Arlington Heights, Illinois. His friends are organizing a memorial event, details of which… Read more »

TPP: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

By Nick Egnatz. The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is a treaty between the U.S. and 11 other Pacific Rim nations. Together with the TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) between the U.S. and the European Union countries and TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) between the U.S. and 49 other nations, the three treaties represent what… Read more »

News from Switzerland

Our sister organization in Switzerland, MoMo (Monetary Modernization) and its action arm Vollgeld Initiative (Sovereign Money Initiative), has just passed the 100,000 mark in collecting signatures to trigger a referendum on the Swiss money system. They started their drive in the spring of 2014 and had 18 months time to get the required amount of… Read more »

Hearing on Monetary Reform in Holland

The October 14, 2015 hearing at the finance commission of the Dutch parliament regarding monetary reform was a milestone for the Dutch and international movement. The 140 minute long hearing can be watched on-line and will soon be provided with English subtitles [1]. This momentous event was triggered by a citizens’ initiative by  the Dutch monetary… Read more »