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The West Turns Eastward

The West Turns Eastward: Madame Blavatsky and the Transformation of the Occult Tradition By Mark Bevir Journal of the American Academy of Religion Vol. 62, No. 3 (Autumn, 1994), pp. 747-767 ABSTRACT THROUGHOUT THE TWENTIETH CENTURY increasing numbers of western men and women have turned to India for spiritual fulfillment. The image of meditation centres… Read more »

The Tibet Images of the Theosophists

Dreamworld Tibet: Western Illusions Martin Brauen (Trumbull, CT, USA: Weatherhill, 2004) First published as Traumwelt Tibet: Westliche Trugbilder (Berne: Verlag Paul Haupt, 2000)   Part 2 In Search of ‘Shambha-la’ and the Aryan Lamas: The Tibet images of the theosophists, occultists, Nazis and neo-Nazis (excerpt; pp. 24-37; pagination in square brackets; footnotes and relevant bibliography… Read more »