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Monetary Reform

Friends and members of The American Monetary Institute decided in October 2017 to start a new organization focused on political activism on behalf of monetary reform. This organization just made its debut in April, 2018, at a conference in Madison, Wisconsin, and will go by the name Alliance for Just Money.  Stay tuned for more news.

Meanwhile sample the latest posts:

Strategy for Achieving Macro-Level Monetary Reform” by Dr. Lucille Eckrich

The Three Prongs of Monetary Reform” by Dr. Lucille Eckrich

 “Formulations of the Three-Point Policy Proposal for Monetary Reform” collected by the editor

Summary of the NEED Act” by the Congressional Research Service


Under the questionable leadership of President Donald trump the US administration becoming increasingly dysfunctional and in the case of the EPA, literally toxic. Fortunately the framework of ponerology, i.e. the scholarly investigation of psychopathology at a societal scale, can bring some necessary insights into current political developments. A few posts were dedicated to the subject:

On Trump: The Ruling Pathocrat“. Alpheus, April 2018.

On Trump: The Tasaroff Doctrine Trumps the Goldwater Rule“.  Alpheus, October 2017.

On Trump: The Aspiring Pathocrat“.  Alpheus, February 2017.

On Trump: Intolerance and Authoritarianism“.  Alpheus, February 2017.

On Trump: Diagnosing 301.81 and the Goldwater Rule“. Alpheus, February 2017.

On Trump: Elias, Civilization and Trump“.  Alpheus, February 2017.

Philosophy, psychology and religion

Foundational for future philosophical and psychological investigations is the work by Julian Jaynes.  My first attempt to process his thought and connect it with other interests seems still fruitful and valid.

The Jaynesian Paradigm and Beyond“.  Alpheus, January 2014.