On Trump: The Ruling Pathocrat

Last summer I read many contributions to the anthology The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, written by 27 professional mental health care workers.[1]

One paper caught my attention, which was “Who Goes Trump?” by Elizabeth Mika. She is a psychologist with a Polish background and the only contributor referring to the very important study of collective psycho-pathologies by another Polish psychologist, Andrew Lobaczewski.

I found his book, Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, very useful to understand the very disturbing rise of the psychologically defective Trump and his enabling followers.[2][3].

I just found another article by her, “National Character Counts Week: Welcome to Pathocracy”, in which she elaborates Lobaczewski’s work and applies it to Trump and his enablers.[4]

This is an extremely important article to get an in-depth psycho-social understanding of what is happening in the US. If you read it together with her more psychological assessment of Trump, ” ‘Now More Than Ever:’ On Straitjacketing Trump”, you will get a realistic picture of the danger the US and the world is in.[5]


“Pathocracies — pathological human systems run by conscience-deficient people — establish themselves so easily (yes) mostly because normal people remain either uneducated or in denial, and perhaps both, about the character pathology that gives rise to them.

Usually, pathocracies develop around a charismatic leader with a narcissistically psychopathic (malignantly narcissistic) character disorder. Lobaczewski called such charismatic narcissistic psychopaths “spellbinders.”

Narcissistic psychopaths are both malevolent and incompetent, as people without a conscience are incapable of building and supporting anything that expresses higher and lasting human values, no matter their IQ or expertise. Their intelligence, typically narrow and one-sided, bereft of broad abstract thinking abilities, is subsumed under primitive drives for power and adulation.”


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