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Alpheus is a Web site formerly “dedicated to esoteric and other alternative interpretations of history”, but will host now a more critical, skeptical and evolutionary point of view. The intention is still to create an independent place where different streams of intellectual and spiritual traditions can co-mingle to explore and nurture new understandings of the past and to build thereupon new visions and possibilities for the future of civilization.

Alpheus is the name of a river flowing through the Peloponnesus in Greece with its source in Arcadia and partly flowing through subterranean channels. In Greek mythology the river made an appearance in the 5th work of Hercules as he diverted the river to clean the Augean stables. Unfortunately Hercules’ ingenious feat was considered a cheating by the gods. In Renaissance symbology the river meant often an underground stream of esoteric traditions or hidden knowledge. I will keep the name, but will interpret it now as representing the ups and downs of my own metaphysical adventures.

No rules have been formulated to encourage and guide the growth of this Web site, except that formerly the accentuation was on traditions belonging to the western esoteric tradition, and that from now on the accentuation will be more on philosophy and science.

I do not expect uncritical acceptance, nor its opposite. I welcome any reaction founded on reason and fact and any help in tracing and finding source material relevant to these investigations.

Little History

The starting point in 1997 was the academic and metaphysical research done on Krishnamurti and the theosophical movement as available on and through this site, especially the paper, Krishnamurti and the World Teacher Project: Some Theosophical Perceptions, which I wrote for Theosophical History Journal, and my personal views in two pamphlets titled: The Masters and Their Emissaries: From H.P.B. to Guru Ma and Beyond and Krishnamurti: An Esoteric View of his Teachings. The last two pieces are now overridden by the blog-article titled The Jaynesian Paradigm and Beyond, in which I present a naturalistic understanding of Krishnamurti’s teachings in the light of the research on consciousness by the Princeton psychologist Julian Jaynes.

Since the start of Alpheus several areas of special interest came to the fore and all links to material relevant to each area are gathered on a special page with some more introductory and editorial comments. The subjects are: Theosophy, Krishnamurti, Cyril Scott and David Anrias, Ascended Masters, Philosophy and Parapolitics. This material is all on the ‘older’ Alpheus site. Most of these subjects are now ‘categories’ on the Alpheus blog.

You are invited to comment with criticism, praise and additional research. Comments will be initially monitored to evade spam.

A bibliography of used works was added with some description of content and editorial remarks, and a page with links to many interesting Web sites.

As important the Krishnamurti story is for understanding 20th century history, it is only a starting point. A next step was the exploration of the last thousand years of western history with an intellectual compass provided by the Theosophical pioneer Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. The compass is her statement that in the last quarter of every century the Adepts,or Masters of Wisdom, send one or more of their representatives to enlighten humanity. Preliminary results can be found on Centennial Efforts and Counter-Efforts of the Millennium, which is a collection of articles, diagrams, timelines and biographies.

How the above project and other historical investigations led to a more critical assessment of Blavatsky and Theosophy–up to the point of suspending all Theosophical assumptions on which this web site are based– will be the subject of upcoming reports.


This web site is the product of an individual initiative and is run independently, content-wise and financially, from any spiritual or political organization. All views found on this web site are those of individual writers, contributors or the editor himself.

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The Web site at the URL http://www.alpheus.org uses certain text materials under fair-use provisions. These have been adapted to purposes of education and criticism. The use of such material has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. The original creators are gratefully acknowledged. If I have failed to credit your work properly, please contact me at schuller@alpheus.org.

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