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Regarding Krishnamurti
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Regarding Krishnamurti

An esoteric-historical interpretation of the life and teachings of Krishnamurti is an important focus of this Web site. The intent of this introduction is to provide some context and indicate further areas of research. [continued]


Krishnamurti and the World Teacher Project: Some Theosophical Perceptions
Paper on the many different ways Krishnamurti was evaluated by different theosophical writers.

Krishnamurti: An Esoteric View of his Teachings
Pamphlet offering a metaphysical critique of K's philosophy. Full text and endnotes. [72KB]

What really happened to J. Krishnamurti?
Article by Hodson pupil William T. Keidan shedding some more light on Geoffrey Hodson's perception of Krishnamurti.

Jean Overton Fuller, Master Narayan, and the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias Issue. Article in Theosophical History about a relatively unknown but quite important Theosophical master and his alleged identification by Jean Overton Fuller. All in the context of the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias issue, which is about two Englishmen passing on contested Mahatmic evaluations of the metaphysical status of Krishnamurti and the esoteric soundness of his teachings.

The Scott and Anrias Material in my Historical Situatedness
History of personal involvement in the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias issue.


Theosophy and Krishnamurti: Harmonies and Tensions
Lecture by Govert Schuller (audio). How do Theosophy and Krishnamurti perceive each other? How are their teachings related? Based on primary sources and notes from discussions a wide spectrum of possible answers will be presented as a contribution to an ongoing discussion.

Accompanying the above lecture

Comparison between Theosophy and Krishnamurti
Double-column comparison with footnotes

Krishnamurti and Eastern Philosophy
Lecture by Ravi Ravindra (audio). An exploration of Indian thought, referring especially to the principal Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras, and the Bhagavad Gita in the context of questions raised by the spiritual teacher, Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Guideposts for Living: At the Feet of the Master
Lecture by John Algeo (video), exploring some of the practical insights for living found in At the Feet of the Master, the Theosophical classic written by Jiddu Krishnamurti.


Letter from Jean Overton-Fuller

Response from Govert Schüller to Mrs. Fuller

Letter from Keith Hartzler
Regarding Krishnamurti, ego and English literature.

E-mail from Bill Keidan
Regarding John R. Wilkinson, the author of The Theosophical Society in Western History with some observations about K.

Theosophy and Krishnamurti. This open Yahoo! forum is meant to analyse and compare Theosophical doctrines and the teachings of Krishnamurti with some excursions into the philosophical insights of phenomenology.

Krishnamurti discussion
Exchange of e-mails between Anonymous and Govert Schuller in November 2005


See separate page for full bibliography.


Review of E.L. Gardner's booklet No religion higher than truth, in which the controversial case was made that C.W. Leadbeater was not really clairvoyant, but victim to Kriyashakti, or the power of imaginary projection.

Review of Krishnamurti--Love and Freedom: Approaching a Mystery. A study by Peter Michel highlighting some esoteric aspects of K's life and putting them in a Theosophical perspective. Review focuses on his use of the Scott and Anrias material.

Introduction to The Initiations of Krishnamurti: An Astrological Biography. Study by Phillip Lindsay using the Scott and Anrias material extensively. Introduction by Dr. Michael D. Robbins.

Krishnamurti, Leben und Werk
By Vanamali Gunturu. Anonymous book review.

Star in the East: Krishnamurti, the Invention of a Messiah
By Roland Vernon. Review for The Link (No. 20 Spring/Summer 2001) by Anne Ruth Frank-Strauss.

The Inner Life of Krishnamurti: Private Passion and Perennial Wisdom by Aryel Sanat. Review for The Link (No. 19 Autumn/Winter 2000) by Hans van der Kroft.

Source Materials

At the Feet of the Master
By Alcyone (J. Krishnamurti). Master Kuthumi's spiritual instructions as received by 14 year old K. [62KB]

Krishnamurti: A Problem
Chapter V from The Initiate in the Dark Cycle by 'His Pupil' [Cyril Scott]

The Truth about Krishnamurti
Chapter XI from "The Initiate in the Dark Cycle" by 'His Pupil' [Cyril Scott]

Message from Lord Maitreya's
In David Anrias' Through the Eyes of the Masters. Containing critical remarks regarding Krishnamurti.

Message from The Rishi of the Nilgiri Hills
From David Anrias' Through the Eyes of the Masters. Containing critical remarks regarding Krishnamurti.

Message from Master Koot Hoomi
In David Anrias' Through the Eyes of the Masters. Containing critical remarks regarding Krishnamurti.

Krishnamurti and the Search for Light
By Geoffrey Hodson. In-depth theosophical and intellectual critique of the teachings of Krishnamurti by a prominent theosophical writer and clairvoyant.

The World Teacher
Three chapters about the World Teacher project from Geoffrey Hodson's Thus Have I Heard, including the highly interesting article “Camp-fire Gleams,” which gives a clairvoyant description of an early Krishnamurti gathering.

Kuthumi on Krishnamurti and Alice Bailey
Under the heading 'Exposé on False Teachings' Kuthumi released through Elizabeth Clare Prophet a series of evaluations of spiritual teachers. These paragraphs are about two teachers formerly associated with the Masters.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Krishnamurti
A teaching on the conditions of affirming that "I am my own master."

Truth is a Pathless Land
Full text of the talk Krishnamurti gave when he dissolved the Order of the Star in Ommen, Holland, August 3, 1929.

The Secret Doctrine, Krishnamurti, and Transformation
By Aryel Sanat. Comparative study of the teachings of Krishnamurti and Blavatsky concerning the transformation of consciousness.

Foreword by Aldous Huxley to J. Krishnamurti's 1954 first major hard-bound publication The First and Last Freedom. Perceptive introduction to the teachings of Krishnamurti, concentrating on what Krishnamurti is not offering to his audience.

"There Is No Religion Higher Than Truth" : Developments in the Theosophical Society by E.L.Gardner. Controversial booklet by a long-time Theosophist contending that Leadbeater fell victim to "unconscious Kriyashakti," or the power of his own creative thought. "[T]he Lord Maitreya and the Masters with whom Leadbeater was on such familiar terms were his own thought-creations."

"`No Religion Higher Than Truth,'" by Ernest Wood. Endorsement of E.L. Gardner's article by the same title. Important source on CWL's discovery of K and other close observations of CWL by his former assistant.

Revelation or Realization: The Conflict in Theosophy 
By J.J. van der Leeuw. Pamphlet on the crisis in the Theosophical Society caused by Krishnamurti's dissolution of the Order of the Star.

Scott and Anrias: Wood and the Blind Rishi
By Jean Overton Fuller. Chapter 20 from her Krishnamurti & the Wind: A Biography.

Krishnamurti And Blavatsky
By Jean Overton Fuller. Article reconciling Theosophy and the Masters with Krishnamurti's teachings.

Obituary by Jean Overton Fuller presenting the author’s interesting view of K.


Krishnamurti Foundation
Founded by Krishnamurti and friends.

Groupe de Recherche sur l'Enseignement de Krishnamurti. Academic research collective at a French University on the educational teachings of Krishnamurti.

The Link
'The Link is a bi-annual newsletter which serves as a liason between the various groups of people around the world interested in the teachings [of Krishnamurti].'



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