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A Viable Solution to the Economic Crisis

By Robert Poteat, Director, American Monetary Institute The Problem: The 1913 Federal Reserve Act Arguably the greatest attack on humanity in all of history was made December 23, 1913, the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act by the Congress and President of the United States. It was the culmination of centuries of political, financial, intellectual,… Read more »

The New Abolitionism

The New Abolitionism – Monetary Reform and the Future of Social Justice By Rev Delman Coates. Introduction by Editor Rev. Delman Coates, Ph.D., is the Senior Pastor of the Mt. Ennon Baptist Church (Clinton, MD) and President of the Black Church Center for Justice & Equality. He is a monetary reform activist and embraces the… Read more »

Stephen Zarlenga – Wiki Entry

Stephen Zarlenga (1941-2017) was a researcher and author in the field of monetary history, theory and reform. Italian philosopher Giorgio Baruchello called him a “maverick intellectual”.[1] In 1976 Zarlenga served on the board of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) of Great Barrington, Massachusetts.[2] In 1996 he co-founded the non-profit charitable trust The American… Read more »

On Trump: The Tasaroff Doctrine Trumps the Goldwater Rule

For those who are concerned about the appropriateness of using psychiatric diagnostic tools to assess the mental fitness and dangerousness of President Trump the following: It apparently is totally legitimate, even legally required, for mental health professionals to warn targeted people and society at large for the dangers a troubled person or group of persons… Read more »

In Memory of Stephen Zarlenga

Dear friends of the monetary reform cause, Last April 25 Stephen Zarlenga, the founder and director of the American Monetary Institute,  passed away at his residence in Palatine, Illinois. He was cremated in a private ceremony at Elegy Cremation and Memorial Services, Arlington Heights, Illinois. His friends are organizing a memorial event, details of which… Read more »

On Trump: Against Normalization: The Lesson of the “Munich Post” by Ron Rosenbaum

I consider Ron Rosenbaum as one of America’s best and most entertaining journalistic writers. For me memorable articles include the ones on Watergate, the CIA mole-hunt and a few articles about Yale’s semi-secret senior society Skull and Bones.[1] He also wrote a fascinating study, Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil about… Read more »

On Trump: “Trump’s New World Order”

It is interesting to see how delusional and divided the far right is in the US. First of all I consider the far right that faction of the conservative movement which is authoritarian. This is the faction composed of people who have become intolerant of certain social and cultural differences and tend to exaggerate dangers,… Read more »

On Trump: US Lying Its Way to War (again)?

The recent January 29, 2017 missile test by Iran is not in violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions as many members of congress and certain media claim. The 2015 Iran nuclear agreement has no binding provisions about missile tests. Before the day of implementation of the agreement on January 2016 the Iranians were bound… Read more »