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War and Truth

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Since January 2003, when the Bush II Administration made its flawed case for regime change in Iraq, Alpheus started a series titled "War and Truth," presenting links to articles questioning the claims made by the US Government and articles presenting alternative analyses.

War and Truth I (1/6/03): Iraq; the War on Terrorism; 9/11; the Council on Foreign Relations; Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations"; the Media

War and Truth II (2/11/03): Powell at the UN; Blair's plagiarism; US and British intelligence; Questioning the Iraqi-Al Qaeda connection; Skull & Bones

War and Truth III (3/17/03): More on Powell; Politicized inteligence; Strategic analysis; The Israeli Connection; Brzezinski's geopolitics; dissenting opinion

War and Truth IV (1/24/04): "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War" DVD; Official propaganda; Overlapping political analyses from a liberal, a conservative and a libertarian; The Neocons; Chalmers Johnson on US Imperialism

War and Truth V (3/31/06): What happened on 9/11? The hole in the Pentagon; Why did WTC 7 collapse? Who flew the planes? Who had foreknowledge? The controlled demolition of WTC 1 and 2.

War and Truth VI (9/11/06): What happened on 9/11 (continued)? Foreknowledge; cover-up; philosophy of conspiracy theories; controlled demolition of the Twin Towers; scholars, experts and prominent politicians speak out; a German Intelligence Report.




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