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On Trump: The Steele Report Echoing the Golitsyn Deception?

Ten days before the inauguration of Trump an anonymous bombshell intelligence report was published by Buzzfeed.[1] The report, written by former British MI6 agent and Russia expert Christopher Steele, alleges that 1) Russian intelligence has compromising material on Trump gathered when he visited Leningrad and Moscow a few years ago; 2) there were extensive and… Read more »

On Trump: Why We Should not Normalize Trump

In December 2016 I found online a list of 76 proven lies by Trump and read them all. The list is named “Donald Trump’s Bullshitopedia: An Ever Expanding Catalog Of Lies”.[1] The list is a good reminder that Trump is a pathological liar. I am not just saying that to bash Trump, but to make the… Read more »

On Trump: The Splitting of the Libertarian Movement

It looks to me that the libertarian movement, like the GOP and the Tea Party, is falling apart over the Trump phenomenon. One faction sees Trump as someone who is ignorant of, even a danger to, libertarian and constitutional principles and therefore should not be followed, while another faction thinks Trump will restore a coveted… Read more »

On Trump: Diagnosing 301.81 and the Goldwater Rule

During the 2015/16 US presidential primaries consensus emerged among health professionals [1], knowledgeable journalists [2,3,4] and those engaged in amateur diagnoses [5] that the psychological profile of then presidential candidate Donald Trump hovered somewhere between having a (curable) narcissist character trait of a malignant kind and suffering from (irreversible) Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Making such… Read more »

On Trump: Intolerance and Authoritarianism

To make some sense of the chaos in the Republican Party during the primaries and to partially answer the question why conservatives are flocking to Trump to the extent that he won the 2016 US general election, the following: Political scientist and expert on political authoritarianism Karen Stenner sees three different kinds of conservatism which will… Read more »

On Trump: Trump Positively Mentions Arch-elitist Richard Haass. Why?

In March 2016 Trump mentioned Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass as an “excellent” foreign policy adviser.[1] This created some consternation in some libertarian and conspiricist conservative circles. What is the big deal here? Why would Trump name the quintessential establishment figure Haass as an excellent (potential) adviser on foreign policy? He probably knows… Read more »